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. . . Surpassed $10,000,000 mark in earned premiums.
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twice as many deaths from that cause as from appendicitis or
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from a window, a distance of eight feet. Blood was passed in the urine and he
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Headache was first noted, the sensation usually being described as a
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the radiating point lessens, and, vice versa, lessen-
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The Action of Certain Drugs (Dermatitis Medieamentosa). —
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excited vary in extent with the degree of excitation. If
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10. Let the limbs be thus warmed and dried, and then clothed, the bystanders supplying the
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Those of our colleagues that practice among the He-
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of the hand holding the instrument. This instrument is
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myelia. The article is illustrated with plates of remarkable
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with boric solution, a small portion of which is left in the bladder.
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we regret to find that the tendency of the authorities leans
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to avert it, and in Christian hagiology and art Sebastian is the counter-
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equine animals we shall find first an equine creature with four toes in
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pigment is seen, either free or inclosed in leukocytes.
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This affords, as has been pointed out, an increase in the
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fluid used to be a weak solution of carbolic acid, or, what I prefer,
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These were found free in the stomach and esophagus, and also in
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himself, arises from the excessive predominance of the extensors of
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fever; a misnomer. Virginia M. Semi- Month., Richmond,
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ided by the visual sense in walking. The paralysis may be due to
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jaw has increased. The tumour on the right side of the back
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of a partial paralysis of the adductor muscles of the larynx ; and that
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into exercise. Am] the physician, In these cases, is sc
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rsipelas occurring as a local affection and accompanied with more
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Some years ago, I had an opportunity of directing the attention of
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better to give too much than too little. It is c^uite certain that in the
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has often been attended with such alarming symptoms as tc .render • a
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new — writing in the metric terms— he is probably right.
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(he fetal state. They were not crepitating, and did not float on water.
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and rapid destruction of the blood corpuscles. However the damage is
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