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pelled for a considerable space in opposition to gravitation, and, also, for
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Whether pure or mixed the gas is sold at the uniform price of 5 cents a gallon. The cost of the cylinders will W*^!
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and which in nearly every instance, is mitigated by the use of whiskey or morphia, both of which are
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the abdomen, wdth intermissions or remissions, the pain having more or
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there exist indications of severe and extended inflammation of the
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oth by Its tonic and antiperiodic properties, and by the certainty
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Gout, who was the first physician to introduce the Lithia
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signs are more marked on the side in which the emphysema is greatest ;
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of all severity, and the liability to the introduction of air has been provided
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membrane, and not to its epithelial investment, which has re-
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tion, judgment, or skill. Objective S3aiiptoms, thus, are much more relia-
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cient to prevent the child from being np and engaging in play, even after
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inches. The invagination and sloughing had taken place in the small in-
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of his official connection with the Cherry Hill prison, the average
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The indications for treatment relate to anaemia, if it exist, and to other
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than a single remedy of this class. The squill and digitalis ma}' be com-
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reports that have come under my observation. It deserves an
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recovery from scarlatina, albuminuria and general dropsy occur in a cer-
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sibility of the bowel and renders it accustomed to distension. The olijects
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in accordance with the laws, and those placed in charge of them
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muscular exertion, an impoverished diet, profluvia, all use up
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design and porBoite of this College to lay before it his remarks
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CHLORALAMID-SCHERING, the new hypnotic introduced a little
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in connection with General Pathology. This portion of the subject is
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were found to be more or less diseased. They were moderately increased
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medical appointments. In 1849 he was elected, by the Board
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Classification of Therapeutical Measures, according to the Objects to be accom-
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constitute a morbid condition of importance is doubtful.
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from the removal of the conditions causing pain, and, partly, because,
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lemon-juice was beneficial, as previously mentioned, only in the
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In other instances, distinctive features are derived from the actions or
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-g ^ the real source of a given salicylic acid and we g w
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or pus in the latter situation, in cases of acute laryngitis, is infrequent.
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I should judge that this writer had seen but little of the affection
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f revents the recurrence of the Chill after it has been checked
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in detailbis theory of the circulation of the foetus, it was hoped
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the warehouse in Alexandria and the extensive flour-mills in
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the benefits which have accrued from this plan of instruction to the