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pneumonia, common colds, .and other acute respiratory affections. On

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Milwaukee, Wis., to San Francisco, Cal., and report liefore July

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the operator, of any flow of blood, so that the operation need

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by the rapidity with which the latter develops and the pecuHar psychic


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tubes, the bones appear gray, and metallic objects are readily seen through

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to the evidence furnished by those writers they will

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tumor present and unchanged. Strauss reports a case (Surgical

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more recently performed the same operation with nearly equal success,

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second class, fixing qualifications for teachers in these schools,

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The IxTERXATioxAi ExniBiTiox. — It is gratif\-in.2: to

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Dr. Chase remembered a symptom given by old Dr. Ware in one of

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seemed quite unconscious of his surroundings; still the organic reflexes persisted,

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cent ly established a 'Professorship of Surgery. The statutes of the pro-

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two are closaly allied, and many cases of neurasthenia are simply

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in painful joints or neuralgic pains of no uncertain

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step in the operation had been made a subject of argument.

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Ten years ago it appropiated $10,000 for the erection of a new

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tion is allowed by lowering the arm. The knee above and

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has previously been scanty and tenacious, becomes very abundant and may

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Treatment. — Beyond procuring absolute rest of the body and a relief

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tion to somewhat analogous mistakes with reference to other organs, it is

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speculum. Many women bear the drain without any injury ; in others

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fectly practical and should be freely made in suitable cases.

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tions explanatory of their objed:. In reprinting a Brochure of fo much

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or two more for pure milk, and add her water at pleasure afterwards.

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from the charlatanism which has hitherto been mingled with it. The

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cervical tears should then be repaired (some say) be-

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But its principal use is to form sulphur baths, as more

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I just had another test; it was negative. I’m safe.” You see

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Six hours later — not before — he gives the purgative, preferring

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by a broad tissue bridge, as are the individual lobes also. A single short duct

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our larger Universities, — Harvard, Yale, etc., — have no such

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drunkenness, delirium, the stupor induced by narcotics and similar

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known form of eezematous eruption is met with in workmen who handle

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case by gentle distractions, pleasant companionship, and

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or dengue, since they learnt it in 1875. Marafu was an oldish man in

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operation is plain. In the last series of cases it is

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dren," by Dr. Israel Cleaver, of Reading, (2) the ad-

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amlodipine diltiazem and verapamil are which of the following

examinations, to determine the size and form of the red cor-

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to reach five volumes instead of four as formerlv. One \Qr\

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there will be strong nystagmus to the sound side. The patient is