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conclusion, that the elevation or depression of the site at wliich yellow fever
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A tablespoonful of a mixture of cod-liver oil and extract
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fifteen again came under treatment during the second period. The diseases,
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upon the slightest exertion. By means of judiciously
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great many effervescing combinations taken by persons
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Medical Science, for May last, his views of those diseases of the brain, which
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of the disorders of the brain that what has been called the meta-
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left hand on the abdomen. Finally, the administration of ergot has very often
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in a similar manner as to their origin and treatment. The use of
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the '^ insane temperament/^ as seen among persons who cannot
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offensive when blood is poured out and undergoing change.
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The statement that a substance sublimes without decomposition is,
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have never become detached from one another, their division
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Supplementary to notices extending over a longer period
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thoroughly rinsed away when the shampoo is finished.
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in question the assertion of Prof. Bouillaud that the blood abstracted in this
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infected between the early part of August and the middle of
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you should put into Orfila's iron pot the body of one of the workmen in
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warm, he became restless, and arterial reaction was fully established.
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certain with respect to the determination of the causes of death,
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known when the plague did not first begin with the poor," — a remark con-
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objects to the designation ^' paralysis of the insane " th^ fact
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Abt. I. — ^Kotes on the Cholera Epidemic of 1665-66 in Europe and Ameri<!a.
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west, was certainly much more rapid than it had ever been before,
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penetrates, marks very distinctly the western limits of this tract, along
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levee. The insalubrity of this city during the season of high temperature,
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expiration — the "residual air." And then there is
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Barcelona), although its existence Siere was not admitted by the Spanish au-
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