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Mrs. B., aged 22, apparently a strong, well-developed
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same time; (3) tuberculosis is a disease of vulner-
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The idea of giving up a whole day to excursions in the
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nection with some peculiar symptoms, namely : A married man, about fifty, a
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to act, such authority is delegated to the Board. The
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chloride of calcium, whose specific gravity was 1031, and immersed in it a solution of the
drug interaction between selegiline and demerol
(4) Our motto in treating the disease should be — '' Leave
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Dr. Seguin had already mentioned, in the works referred to
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suspected that they had been cherishing creeds and prejudices
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whom he still had in sight, when a man suddenly ap-
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created a cholera decoration, which it' has distributed far and
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it occurs not only in Kaynaud's disease, but also in the course of other
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too often escapes observation. From earliest times the
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when we have satisfactory proof that the fcetus is dead, the head ought to be
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erally accepted, and is proved by such cases as Dr. Sands'
curative, will often do much to prolong life, and to secure as much improve-
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both fragments of the bone. The shaft and sheath of hip-joint disease in this class, although the
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out corroding them : the Greeks term these Septics. There have been others
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and Schifrin, N., Postgrad. Med. 11:17, Jan. 1952. 43. Panel
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The procedure suggested by Gushing, mentioned under Raynaud's disease,
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•iol. from which the virions complexes arc prepared as needed. Repeated
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trations which I got made, and I will, therefore, confine
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upon this subject and reduces the amount of food to be taken to
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an inflammatory process. In certain bulbar cases the
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end carried around the whole and tied again ; one end
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left wrist and carpal joints. Both shoulders creak on
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them. It was of the first importance that when ships 'were
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is perfectly free from solids ; it stands for a while, and then we find it
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by a jjonorrluea, or finally an extraj^enital chancre, even when well char-
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is lethal for the frog. Obernier, Litten, Weikart and Crawford have
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In man the remedy has been faithfully tried and the results are extremely
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no appreciable difference, and in the present state of science it is impos-
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gist that any prescription he sent him, containing a six-
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teniperatuie in typhoid fever.] Mi'diiaina. Sf. Petersh.,
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lum, where she remained for twelve months, when the lady was dis-
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1. Probably no> great nation in the world has among
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The total number of fresh cases in Italy, September
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C. T. Drennen, Hot Springs, Ark.; L. W. Ehrlich, St. Louis; J. W.