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placed on the head in the early part of the treatment, supplemented with wet
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surviving author has faithfully followed his elder's
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Hippocrates, as has been proved by Coxe and Copeland, until of late
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examination of the eve, by Adoljib Alt. Am. J. Ophth.,
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Edwards, F. D., Belwood, Atlanta Med. Coll., 1914 1916 1919
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plete recovery is fitvorable in the acute disease, although a tendency to
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present, are merely accidental. He has isolated in cultures what he considers
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tion, or disappearance over definite areas of one or more of the three
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Surgeon, assigned to duty at Fort Winfield Scott, Cal.,
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author admits is an inherent congenital tendency, which may
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in the gall-bladder will be dissolved by a tablespoonful or
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reference to the article, as in the case of Sinapis, which has given place to
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irritation, and he proposes^ therefore, to use it on man.
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that condition, owing to the slowing of respiration, not enough
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that the cause of the ulcer was still in doubt. The
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|(, the undersigned, hereby request you to receive {Name of Patient m Private Patient.
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opinion of the Society that the case will not admit of operation.
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which he gives by enema. A small class of cases do not yield to the ipecacuanha
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with this subject, he AA^ould mention that there Avere several other
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palati and both sides of the pharynx. The sudden onset in one attack
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of 1866, so much dreaded before it came, has been more
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complete in ]Mr. Maclise's view, surely the "utriculus prostaticus" offers a
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causes of death in Hispanics compared with non-Hispanic
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ity ; second, upon the introduction of these germs into the
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I want to say, in justice to the obstetricians of Wilmington,
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They have shown us that it is useless to pass a large quantity of electricity
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organisms in the upper portions of the intestines. As a matter of
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had escaped injury. The X-ray revealed an oblique tibial fracture
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deeply regretted, inasmuch as he differed from the author in
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the course of such visits. Leaflets as to the precautions to be taken
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fatigue, exposure, intemperance, and all excesses or
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removal of congestion are those which tend to remove its cause ;
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water simply to the web of the frog's foot; and the same pheno-
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States Department of Agriculture, which also paid all expenses of
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two affections, nor have Baccelli and many others seen any, either
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deal of influence to bear upon the measures and laws en-
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be speedily given by mixing three grains of powdered opium
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ten days ill, he became suddenly jaundiced, and in a day or two after-
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of lassitude and illness. On the day succeeding these sensations
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add 25 gals, pure French spii'it, \ gal. of white sugar syrup,
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Swelling and pain of the right knee began four months
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thrix, capable of producing symptoms which have hitherto been regarded
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pation and lived in one of the Southern States. For