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ing from about three and a half inches above the umbili-

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pyramids, the parts in which physiologists usually locate

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and overuse of the spinal cord, as by excessive muscular

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fifteen years ago, Gilbert, of Paris, had used tannic acid very

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ferent tertiary branches of the same trunk, and even (in some individuals)

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exception, however, that we have already made, that the quan-

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been suggested by others. A collegiate training is val-

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patient felt nothing of her breast wound, and I am inclined to attribute the ele-

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according to the degree and direction of the pressure to which it is sub-

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erogenes, wliile tliis degree of heat shows little influence as far as B.

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Clapp & Son, Noyes, Holmes & Co., James Campbell, and A.

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cases reported of true prostatic calculi and with his series of 8

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malaise on tiie right side. Shortly, a dry, hacking

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this means my heart ^will escape. Dr. Wilkes thinks

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foot was never intended for encasement during activity in an unyield-

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physician/crusader came to Richmond to lecture doc-

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In the section of a spleen of a rabbit with subacute focal lesions the phagocytic

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part of it is eliminated by the urine, in which, how-

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daily ; suffered much from exhausting night sweats. Had been much troubled

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“General Fund”. Information on financial condition

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group of individual objects, must, therefore, according to this

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** Quellenec." In the IXth vol. of the Causes Celebres is a grave

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physiologist, has been visiting this country, and, according to the Rome cor-

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went to Leyden, where he studied botany under Herman, and the

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meetings being held on other Fridays as often as it is

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friend, he had again an attack of urticaria with ex-

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of PROCARDIA and beta-blocking agents is usually well tolerated, but there have been occasional

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Professor Paget ; or, when he is made Chairman of tlae

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rics. The Prevention of Hernia after Incision of the Abdominal

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responsible for the result. If all the minor nuisances were united together

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dilated pupils, frequent fcreaming, picking of the nofe, hot fkin,

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faith in the germicidal action of drugs or vapors. He

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retention of urine ; vomiting ; preserved motor power ;

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the Great Disposer, appropriate to the finite condition of its possessor.

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they are, therefore, to be regarded rather as compli-

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disappear temporarily after an albuminous diet, contrary

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symptoms other than malaise and possibly chilly sensations. Weakness, fol-

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