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cardio-pulmonary circulation. In the few instances in which I have
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The points which the author wishes especially to emjihasize
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showing up collateral troubles and complications to give cases !
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fatality in typhoid fever must now be abandoned. The sooner we cut
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accounted feeble-minded? The public little knowing that
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Guinon, the Parisian psediatrist, says : \ "In the malignant hyper-
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four to six weeks earlier will find the same varieties from
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at the base, sometimes as the result of Bright's disease and sometimes as
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them on three or four yolks of eggs a day. This quackery again
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quite palatable dishes, even porridges. Bran is sometimes
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may be given. After the crisis a gradual return may be made to the
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forced to conclude that, just as in the tongue there are nerves of touch
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better than those treated in improvised hospital buildings.
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Isle, Captain Eves. I remember embarking at the Battery
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lating his nerve centres, and increasing cardiac vigor and tissue change.
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are costly residences now, the kitchens and workrooms on
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of all kinds it fulfils all indications. In all toxaemic condi-
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■do, then one will neither be overburdened with fat nor threat-
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the cold bath, which had its origin in the idea that its antithermic
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very tip end of the forefinger or the point of a hemostat — will
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shows the most constant alterations, being enlarged, but in size it ex-
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and formaldehyde solutions, and for patient, operator, and
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amount to lobar pneumonia or to broncho-pneumonia, and
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vigorate us. Such was the notion, probably, of the late illus-
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was always very free ; pus cavities often formed ; erysipelas,
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import. In order to decide how far the heart and how far the vaso-
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good in some neurotic conditions, in some heart affections,
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empiric has doubtless given a strong impetus to the popularization of
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most varied therapeutic purposes. According to the correct and skil-
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and the Irish and Scotch whiskeys are either colorless
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examination of the labial mucus. It followed an accidental lesion of the
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December, 1897. In it I find an article by its Director, Dr.
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stance. This remarkable fact was confirmed clinically in a case of
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fitting itself very nicely to the prostatic portion of the urethra. The
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percentage of eases which in the past has not been thoroughly
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Dr. Kiliani demonstrated a simple apparatus which he is now per-
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jected to an ablution with water at 70°. This treatment was continued for two
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mer years could possibly have produced. Probably the most
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cated by occasional oscillatory movements of the red blood-cells sur-
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added, the specific gravity is of course lower. Now, if we
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plained as follows : By reason of the increase of large areas of the
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agar the growth is not characteristic ; upon the potato, especially if it