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The appendix was removed in the usual way. A double drain-

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diagnosticated correctly. The condition is often found to be a more or

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is productive of harmful effects, but the patient should be warned not

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digestion, a diminished [usually), normal, or even increased, amount

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authors, however, a^e agreed that cardiac hypertrophy may be a sequel.

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enalapril and furosemide for dogs side effects

hemorrhage is dependent on a variety of primary affections of the gland

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plexy, chlorosis, consumption, convulsions of: various types, dropsy,

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Paroxysmal Period. — In many cases, whether preceded by an aura or

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" The frequency with which new editions of this manual are demanded bespeaks its

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toms, however, are wrist-drop and finger-drop, consisting of an inability

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considerations that assist in improving the nutrition of the cardiac

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unusual popularity. It has proven to be one of the best sellers of the year.

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bladder, and recent precise methods of exploring the viscus (endoscopic

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Treatment. — [a) Prophylaxis. — To prevent the transmission of

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other senses also ; but there is not the dissociation met Avith in syringo-

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actinomycosis, concludes that pulmonary actinomycosis may terminate

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Upper-segment or Upper-system Diseases. — A lesion occurring in the

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Predisposing Causes. — ITeredit// takes first place, and is, when discov-

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A pair of curved, pointed scissors is pushed through in front of

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creased at night or by depressing the head upon the spine, and is re-

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0.324 to 0.648 — three or four times a day), and other alkalies, together

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feet or ears, but symmetric patches sometimes appear in the skin of the

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Treatment. — The treatment of hydrothorax has intimate relations

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given. The enlarged lingual tonsillar tissue is very often the cause

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drugs as cocain, hyoscyamus, belladonna, bromids. and chloral have

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which is persistently believed to be a " cancer." Cephalalgia, backache,

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Treatment. — The amount of drinking-water is to be moderated in

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usually present when the kidney-structure is involved by extension of the