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of the elbow ; and in them, six weeks' confinement in
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nounced with each injection after the " first " injection. In a few
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result of his experimentation and study. Dr. Donaldson
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general. It never, therefore, resembles a cystic epithelioma of invading
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They have been usually administered in small and fre-
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Lecturer — Jas. E. Garretson, M D., D. D. S., No.
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to a rigor, usually followed by heat of skin, and occasionally by
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Still a negative microscopical examination does not necessarily imply
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"Whence came this epidemic? The first idea which presents itself is, that
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Abernethy, in speaking of this subject, says, "You need not
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that if Hquor ammoniae is mixed in more than equal parts with venom, it does
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On June 28th 2 vaccinated and 2 non-vaccinated dogs
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Diphtheria before the Section on Laryngology. This was
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2. Kannel WB, Sorlie P, McNamara PM: Prognosis after myocardial
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tuberculin test not only for their own interest, but for the welfare of
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however, that I may be able to turn the attention of
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ring of protoplasm which is of a deep blue color. As a rule the nu-
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Definition. — Tattooing is the formation of more or less indelible
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she presented no further symptoms, and had no other reason
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ber to occur in the experience of one man. Twenty-four of the
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cember number of the " (Jiornale italiano delle malattie veneree e della
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point to nuclear disturbance. We must therefore seek
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lished. The anfDSthesia was evident by the pallor of the over-
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could be undertaken with reasonable safety. The patient was
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work with incandescent light baths. About the same time
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will be found elements of great importance. Large irregu-
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+ Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Do not assume that just
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When one considered the usual causes, he would admit at
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In these cases of sudden choking any assistance, to be effectual,
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the animal economy, that pressure continued for any con-
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and that they at once proceed to their permanent habitat and to
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ocular conjunctiva scarification of the cedematous con-
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into the following considerations: — Temperature of the blood,
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of "Eye Strain" from Various Causes. — A. L. Ranney
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axillary artery and vein be cleaned off, and the entire axillary contents