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guished.— (See Fig. 109, p. 105, and Fig. 476.) At

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alent among a people or a community at a special time,

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two-thirds of its volume of concentrated sulphuric acid very slowly,

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minutes; while taking samples he always developed eye, throat and

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consultant or specialist. He may not be able to lecture "worth

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itself responsible for the views presented in any of its papers."

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which denote that cancer is about to be formed ? Then we may con-

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15 gone. After an hour he was able to walk unaided. If allowed to go to

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is noticed. More experience is necessary to determine

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Governor forthwith to appoint as members of said board the requisite

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the origin of the iliac arteries. The sac was tilled with coagulum,

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table is brittle aud glass-like. Then we come directlv

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nia, as to the geological formations over which dysentery prevails epi-

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spirit to excess — either immediately before or at some time previous to

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cylinder between the thumb and fore-flnger of the left hand, allow the-

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Roberts-Hawley Goat liymph Compound. WllUa P. King.

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and is said to depend, in certain cases, on alcoholism.

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tional cases where the hematuria has been severe, the tubercular process

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association with a chronic focus, usually in the prostate, Cowper's

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Will be pro'Tiptly attended to on the most accominoda

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sia, 3.74 ; in Alsace-Lorraine, 3.67 ; in Wttrtembierg, 3.39 ;

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that ordinarily come under care, except syphilis and cancer,

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few minutes may be devoted to it daily, and yet the

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shall we find one who is worthy of the task, and capable

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soft leather, and applied to the parts affected. It also

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grounds. At one time the giant cell of Langhans was

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cysts varying in size, with clear bright yellow contents,

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dition. In each case correct procedures can he determined only

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These five cases were all successful. He suggested the

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had been active in his support of the measure from the out-

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with allied micrococci as a variation of a hypothetic, primitive

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has been noticed ; it indicates a lesion in the fourth ventricle. For several

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cases, the condition must in them be regarded as pathological. But

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and will be discussed fully in a later communication.