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Stations and Duties of Medical Officers of the United States

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tion at all. I have in mind at this moment two elderly

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The Treatment of Heart Disease. By James Barr, M. D., Physician,

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is the tincture of iron ; but it is better to give it in acetate of ammonia, which

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the nerve-centres in the medulla. He notes that con-

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7th day (probably). Pulse 120, with fair tension, like White, No 9, Plate

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Symptoms. — Sudden pain which marks the extravasation of blood

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attacks occur often there is risk of i3ermanent damage to the brain, as is

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and it is for us to rise to the great occasion which the war has afforded

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the respective germ-plasms. The broad tendency of sexual conjugation

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in the cerebral arteries, and it is noteworthy that after a severe

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teething in children. Given in larger doses to adults.

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next leaf by the dedication to the Monti)elier Professors. The dedication

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the knee, and the extensors of the hip. The muscles below the knee

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fees for midwifery cases and operations. 1 Many of them

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