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in the spread of the disease in the last ten years. On

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At 181 Was'ii'it'ton Street, corner of Franklin Street, to whom all communications must be addressed,

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this sign was considered to be insufficient to be of any significance,

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" There is evidence that death takes place through the nerve-centres,

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work which must be done in the mouth, and which will be poorly

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There is always present in asthma a morbid constitutional

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firmly wedged in the cystic duct that it had to be removed by

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bacteria) — which were supposed at one time to effect

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2:30p.m. — Meeting of House of Delegates (Orangerie Room).

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which the coagulum is formed. This local condition is not the sole cause of the

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developed a general urticaria eight days after the sec-

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substance is non-crepitant and sinks in water. When the solidified lobules

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and prompt in their responses, he stated that he Avould be

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foot of what is now called Hospital Street in the Gorbals. The

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16 Jones, Investigations on the Solids and Fluids of Animals. [July

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coagula in the right ventricle of the heart, and in the sinuses of the

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