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animal tissues, and lessens their power of resistance to noxious
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if I had a case tomorrow I would not give it a grain of calomel, I am
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dose in each individual case until one is y^^'" ^^°"^ ^^ P'^'" "^^"t- ^^^ general para-
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protective epithelium ; (3) the protective leukocytes under the
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1,000 cubic feet will produce 1.115 per cent, of sulphur dioxid, but
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in the other two years, if we reckon from the time when pain in the back
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opinion that, were a similar case to be presented me, I
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six of whom are living. The mother at sixty-five looks sallow
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appears extremely plausible, and which has been scrupulously
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Prudential Hospital Association Company. F. 0. BUuier,
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some instances he should be aroused and food given two hours before
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all those on board, failed to soothe or refresh the
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will be a very fundamental one, but when it begins to act at a later
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vallereau. Kyste sous-coujonctival. Bull, et ra6ra. Soc.
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fectious diseases. The water lessens emaciation, promotes
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-,. . . , , rr, T. . • J long a period as five years, suffers a second
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Health, has suggested that poisoning from eating ice-
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special articles will appear regularly. Summaries of
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obtain in the army — that is, the lack of hopefulness in dealing with
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ing that, men who bleed, without giving themselves the least uneasi-
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object to the use of the term nephritis, implying as it does an inflamma-
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this state a diabetes association which has engaged
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iccessfui, and to be of any avail, must be commenced and
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In his second lecture Dr. Sanderson showed that, leav-
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He regards these methods of treatment as efficacious as any surgical
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tire circle submucously. To overcome this the needle
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trusion has taken place, by compresses, cloths, etc.,
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rangement of the essay will be left to the discretion
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under no circumstances be taken. The husks of the grain and the
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in the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, published the first three English cases, and gave
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d hyg.. Par., 1886, 3, s., xvi, 336-345.— IVeugebaiicr (F.)
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April, 1879, the apparatus was practically useless for the purpose of disinfection.
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