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its most frequent seat, then the anus, the csecum, the sigmoid flexure of
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They are generally encapsulated and made up of elongated, spindle-
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signs of collapse of peritonitis are absent, the countenance is not that of peri-
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of demai'cation ; the gangrenous processes are not abruptly limited, but
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but in the organs and blood as well/ Slow, gradual wasting belongs to
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Dislocations of Other Tarsal Bones, as the cuneiform, scaphoid, or
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diagnostic of the disease. In most cases, the pain is at first paroxys-
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3. Abscess of the Liver may follow dysentery, appendicitis, or sup-
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while lastly there are those of sepis because of infection.
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the pustules in hemorrhagic small-pox, except that they contain blood in-
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gives to that fluid a milky appearance, for it is held in the form of an
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congested and inflamed through partial strangulation by constriction of the
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arch, and least frequent of all the descending aorta. Aneurisms of that
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an abdominal tumor. A peculiar cachexia is usually present.
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is an irregular diurnal chill followed by profuse sweats. Ordinarily the
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ease. riajDping and rubbing sounds have been described as a result of vi-
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the catarrhal element predominates, the asthmatic paroxysms are excited
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those dying of diseases which have confined them in bed for a long time.
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form within the tumor, making the mass resemble an epithelioma. The
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with insomnia and frightful hallucinations. These cerebral symptoms
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murmurs are present in fifty per cent, of all cases of recent mitral mur-
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The discharge from the cancer is bloody, from the chancre it is non-
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increased diHieulty in local expansion. In fibroid i)hthisis the retraction
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they will greatly assist in making an early diagnosis. It has been said that
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usually sufficient for an adult; its use must be continued until the diar-
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difficulty in swallowing — first fluid and then solid food— with an inability
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Index is added, so that any article wanted is readily found:
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most purple red. When the submucous tissue is involved, there is an infil-
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duced by the use of hypodermic injections of sulphuric ether. I would
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cardium, cardiac dilatation, and hypertrophy. Cardiac dilatation occurs
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2. The splint should not press upon bony points. This should be
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Be»ult8, Receipts and Eipenditure, and other Kennel Matters, price 5s.. by
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said to be toitJiont the intestine ; and when a deep ulcer, involving the whole
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or dilated ; at the commencement of the convulsive attack, they are gener-
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used the most reliable is opium, and usually the condition of the pupil