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ments have come about just in the past two years„

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inch, the flat side of the instrument lying somewhat obliquely

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643; Ann. de I'lnst. Pasteur, 1907, xxi, 497; De Tanaphylaxie et des toxicog§nines,

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ful doses frequently repeated. All nourishment which leaves solid residue — e. g.,

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monary oedema, double pleural effusion, which promptly reformed after

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the same allowance was made except that the meat of the previous

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processes of the cell and the degeneration of the cell results. In

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are during the attacks of bronchial asthma, improvement or ameliora-

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Bordier was in Hospital, Mary Ann Snow, who had got tired

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(ig) 13th, 14th November. — The catheter had to be used during

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in the past, a factor certainly to be considered in pursuing

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llc patronage. IJespectable personal references can at

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pregnancy, on whom he used this method for inducing

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thing, and if the operator will follow the instructions

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spontanea del femore destro da saK cuna pei ioslale e < eii.

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condition, or if the obstructing third lobe represents in structure a

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■ Milk and AVater. — A landowner at Ziig, in Swit-

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which endow them with peculiar and most complicated functions. The principal of these

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tack, and the care and treatment between the seizures. Hydro-

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finally fluctuation can be detected. If neglected, this swelling will ultimately

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diffusion of effluvia may be so carried on as not to cause offence

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which agrees with his own or his friends' view of the case. The

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renergic blockade which may theoretically result in increased penile inflow,

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come to the doctor only after the myocardial changes have begun.

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membrane and giving an immediate and cent, solution greatly increases the

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procedings of the Philadelphia County Medical Society for

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Science. — The annual meeting of this Association was

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motions of animals and plants, and the appearances of the sky*

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to involve the lobules themselves, which as a rule escape in atrophic

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History and iiomendature — Symptoms affecting movement and sensation —

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sugar, and, in one case, of a solution of salt. In those instances the vacuoles

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It was not removed at once, as it was then giving no