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Carle, St. Joseph (1949); Drew Luten, St. Louis (1948); A. M.

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Sedulon, a sedative couth preparation; Thephorin, an antihistamine compound;


continuation of those studies of the mechanism of cellular growth

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causes. The great majority of chemical irritants already used for the

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tion along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, in southern

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"Premarin/' other equine estrogens. . .estradiol, equilin,

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cold season, and for the warmer months the top coarse planking shall be left off fore and

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all of the nitric acid is driven off. A few drops of

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istics of the avian type was possible. By sucoessively placing col-

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A destructive outbreak of fluke disease in a flock of sheep in

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spectors, and the total cost of inspection for trichinae in the Empire

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especially “Glaucoma,” was discussed and it was re-

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The reporting of visual disability was discussed by

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tissues. As examples may be mentioned rabies, cerebro-spinal men-

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of $1,000.00 was put into effect on February 26, 1948.

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37 C., pulse 80, respiration 18, blood pressure 150. 90.

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VI. The Pathological Anatomy of Meningitis Due to Bacillus Typhosus. By

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ly packed in areas of almost solid giant cells, and

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In the writings of Vesalius (1414-1465), followed by those of Fal-

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farm horses for southern conditions, and on that point the southern

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mation might be used for private ends. In consequence uncertain

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the report of the committee be approved and the in-

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hospital because of pain in the right lower abdomen of

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air bubbles. The heart was placed in the perfusion chamber and

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weigh to any purchaser thereof, or cause to be bought, sold, or disposed of, or weighed to

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subject. We might as well be frank and recognize that a candid

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mission of the Virus of Poliomyelitis. Jour, of Exp. Med.,

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Mr. McIntyre reported on activities of county medical

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