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neous substance, the large magnet should be applied
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the carbonic acid formed in the arteries and capillaries by the
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easily explained, the possibility of the foreign body
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This sanitory reform must necessarily be a gradual work, we suppose, but
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ameliorating their unfortunate condition by the cultivation of their
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singault have shown that young animals, during their growth,
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no less than four times, that electricity and chemical affinity
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also, always in contact with the pleura. The ligature has been successfully
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occasionally ushered in by severe pain and other symp-
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sight, present difficulties well calculated to embarrass inexperienced
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the tongue, gurgling in the ileocoecal region (often with ten-
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operation, though the wound had not entirely healed. The flap
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creased in bulk by additions of distilled spirit, and then
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perfectly normal in size and appearance. There were no coagula
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dependent, by men who certainly have not clearly understood
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ment fulfil the object for which it was originated, and which its munifi-
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axis of the heart is somewhat diagonal ; the apex is found in the
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Diet, &c. โ€” I shall now make a few concise remarks as to the
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tinue the movement, but have always succeeded by finding a di-
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giving of such entertainments is a serious check to the preva-
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incision, and a curved needle and silk thread passed through its
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ther tractile efforts had been made, which had been, in a de-
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it is possible for a spent bullet to lodge in the petrous
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preparing this extract, is โ€” fresh blood is passed through a
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this climate, is by far too short. The mental faculties are often as
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ing exudation are the elements always present in croup. ยง
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The Niam-Niams have a language which is altogether primitive, it con-
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stomach but whiskey and water. He soon became delirious, and
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could be renewed at the same altar, the voice of encouragement be
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Diet, &c. โ€” I shall now make a few concise remarks as to the
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tions of the small intestine, and especially so in inflammatory
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the actual cautery is to draw the arterial blood rapidly into the
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cede. During the three succeeding days, her condition was
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on the important topic upon which he has undertaken to write.
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whom the support is most required) than in the male.
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stimulates healing, but also acts as a great protection
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as the tendency will be for the fistulous tract to close itself, and
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Among the several conditions to which shoulder presentations
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ing pubic ramus, thus rendering the origin of this portion of
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fallacious than the claim that this disease is the result of
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mentary instruction, but sadly deficient in all the means for its prac-
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Whatever may have been the local influences, or motives which
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of Chloroform for the extraction of teeth, at the very urgent solici-
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vomica, has been found perhaps more useful than strychnia. The latter is
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was made, corresponding in shape with the accompanying di-
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find this allegation, the leading proposition in the elaborate effort, for it ia
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