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2. The High Aims of the Physician. Beverley Robinsos.

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most surprising fact of all is that death sometimes occurs during the

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tied, and lastly the anterior middle. The sutures were

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tent as to prevent absolutely the taking of all nourish-

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lateral sciences have been published and added to our libraries,

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essential and efficient. Much has been said, and much might be

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action of the white heat was so thorough that its ultimate re-

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ful, for in this way the corrosive-sublimate solution is en-

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officer's long and eminent service has earned from the public

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dislocation of the fifth dorsal vertebra, found that the muscles of the

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qualitative analysis, mechanics, light, heat, and electricity;

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point. Macevven's operation, or the reduction of the sac wrink-

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Prognosis and treatment. The outlook in all cases belonging

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gate novelties in fact or theory. Some of the views

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that presented by the condition of the muscular system. The

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reports good appetite for the first time in years ; treat-

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rupture intra-abdominal, with septic infective peritonitis and

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and much of our reasoning specious rather than true ; but if there

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sicians by the collectors of vaccine cases amounted

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The severe pains in the back may be further relieved bv hot

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By some it is claimed that the delirium in women is shorter and less

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the Horse Artillery. He complained of his left foot ;

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In our own island \ve see the measles chiefly among children

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glands have been described above. The adenitis and the phlegmonous

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After the development of the reaction ; the urine is suppressed, or scanty

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