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the chest (chloasmata phthisicora). and seated in the same regions as ^\el\
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may be replaced by salicin, Avhich is less depressing in its effect upon
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surgeon should look to the condition of the wound if one is present.
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Just as the external application of water upon the body influences
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whose biographer he was. In pathology Gross was far ahead
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does not occur. The blood-plates are also increased in number (Hayem),
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Predisposing Causes. — (1) Endemic Influence. — That endemics of pneu-
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induce considerable fluctuations in the blood supply of the remaining
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Remember one thing : used in any way it is hard on the teeth,
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tube or a horse catheter, with firm walls, having been thoroughly
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physician. The patient and his friends are justly anxious when pallor,
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lowed by affusions at 75°-85°, or the circular douche at 90° for one
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bles, and troubles of a pigmentous kind are common among
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States, at least not the prized ones. They are like small pota-
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The relaxation which so often induces sleep in persons subjected to the
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Or he may drift from one inexperienced medical man to
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from the great French surgeon Pean, and they use them in
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gotten that septicemia may pursue a chronic course in which the symp-
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protein and 23.2 of fat; loin of veal, 19.4 protein and 10.4
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the patient sits iu a tub of water which covers the pelvic portion of the
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though less frequently (sero-fibrinous and empyema). Gangrene and
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allowed to leave his bed for at least one week after the occurrence of the
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surface in most instances. Thus we follow the indications of modern
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lected. The experiments of Aufrecht, Chauveau, Klebs, Parrot,
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for five minutes, followed by chest compresses (p. 114) at 80° every hour.
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It will be noted that the mechanical irritation produced by the
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Beaumetz, by the Paris Congress of Therapeutics a few years ago,
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reports a case of intestinal obstruction successfully treated by con-
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to 85° F., which should be actively set in motion by the hands of the
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•Cold water diminishes the pulse, and generally raises the blood pres-
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istic picture which enables one to rccogni/.e at once an influenza
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the appearance of the eruption. During convalesence, if the child does
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daily ration. The food value of certain articles of diet is
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tatinii programme Innc hecn made ecoiioiiiicall\' >elf-sii])porting.
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thing which we have the strongest reason to expect upon ancestral
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oppose it by producing an afflux of blood to the already hyperaemic skin.
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^ Accepted by the Dominion Government as meeting all
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tation going out from the cutaneous sensory nerves, but he believes that