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carries in its train a chronic gastritis; it constitutes the so-called

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their superficial tissues, the Meibomian glands, the conjunctiva palpe-

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is withdrawn and the drawn-out portion of the tube is

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beat into a mass with honey, and divide into 12 pills,

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with prolonged convulsions. In the case of dog No. 1,

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however, has been so fortunate as to observe the process, and

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with the period during which profound unconsciousness lasts ; and it is

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of cow's milk and water, with the addition of sugar of

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all, never refuse to give the services asked for, unless you are sick yourself, for

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much enlarged in many cases. Uncomplicated typhoid was not the prevail-

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pale and somewhat yellowish, and the body perfectly relaxed.

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made of the whole product of the grain, in the shape of well-made and well-baked

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advance and upward progress of the profession of dentistry.

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struation, when this occurs in persons of a relaxed constitution. After

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came off at the Hotel du Louvre, on the 27th December. A writer

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diarrhoea alternates with constipation. The diarrhoea is probably

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January 1890 are admitted to the examination for the Durham D. P.H., under the

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into animals, was found to produce the same phenomena of shock and death in

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and rapidly pushing before it the venous column on the proximal side,

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believe it to have no equal in the way of evenness of action. The

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if our labouring population were to be really benefited. He

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time has now come, in the judgment of the management of this

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striking thing about the discharge is its very small quantity, which

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to one will accentuate the action of cocaine ; combined

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possible but less habitual routes for the passage of stimuli.

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operation in (juestion upon the left tonsil, and a num-

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quently prevails in this command, diseases of the lungs are both less

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that this was a local myelitis of the spinal cord. Its clinical value lies

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forced throughout the newly-constituted German Empire.

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trates the manipulation in this diagnostic method. Having un-

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the state of sensibility during its administration. Observation and experience

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and the shaft of the bone. He showed the necessity of long continued

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is not encouraged by the Jews, because it is believed to be the

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Pyroligneous Acid, a useful application to phagedenic ulcers. — Dr. Schulze,

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lowed, which was represented on the one .Mde by Dr.

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COONER, William H., M.D., Mobile, “What Can You Do To Make

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an inch and a quarter in diameter, assume a yellowish-white, opaque tint

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Mix, stir in a little pumice stone and filter, passing

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