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came from a representative body. It was seen at the outset

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form a true otitis, with effusion of lymph, and formation of false membranes.

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A correspondent asks advice on the following case: The

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been made were averted when the cause was recognized

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As a precaution against plague, the Board of Health will

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through the carotids: this was in obedience to the directions of the inventor,

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asked to turn itself into a diploma-mill for the benefit

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sides, the ophthalmic ganglion is fairly connected with the rest of the

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patient is now under preparation for the operation. The muscle affected in

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He has had no return of the spitting of blood for three weeks. His strength

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flow, gradually dissipated these symptoms, and the horse soon recovered

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of all other functions, and especially without paralysis

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shall be entitled to the same proportionate representation as

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for January, 1900, with an average of 3761 per cubic

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At a Commencement held on Tuesday, the 5th of March, 1839, the

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alimentary regime of uur day is a constant or repeated ali-

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syphilis, and there are very few Jiospital advantages

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on ophthalmology recently delivered to his class, Prof. Sanson expressed

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ance, (which is, unfortunately, the besetting sin of our army, and the fruit-

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because the nervous system is first irritated and after-

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doctors at that time testified, and as every medical' man

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pneumococcic, staphylococcic, streptococcic, a Fried-

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guide to conclusions. To this we must add the usual

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tinction — do not appear to relax in their exertions, and the various commu-

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point somewhat farther up than that at which the so-called " diabetes

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diarrhea and often associated with malaria. There is no rise

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became, to a considerable extent, a civil, quiet man.

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inclined to take, for they should not be starved. While