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nected with the late war. All reputable physicians now
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Quite recently I re-examined her throat, and to my great gratification
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phoid and London water. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1890, i, 1046;
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of Chicago ; and last, but not least, our own fellow-townsman and litterateur,
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urine of the third day of water-drinking was the urine collected between
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temperature in the observations was always about 62^. They regard 60 oz.
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other " spring medicines," which he had absorbed in immense quantities, had
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FuBTHEE CouBSE. — February 15, 1909, the pain in the foot
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not announced always before the time of meeting, so
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that I could detect. There is no means of determining the
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dose used for curative purposes. Since the production of antitoxin
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societies were at that time, and, indeed, for a long period
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flatness may be detected in the interscapular region
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Cal., will proceed to Fort Crook and renort to the commanding
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Andral has likewise established this invariable law, of augmentation in the fibfiii of
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left ventricle only ; later, all the chambers of the heart pulsate more
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back to her pallid cheek, I set her to thinking how far the early troubles
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dose — it received a second dose of 2 c.c. of the
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a house fly ; its bite is innocuous to man, goat, antelope, pig,
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irritation mentioned is caused by irritants in the blood.
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break of yellow fever in the BarracoKta. He complains of
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the wound completely closed. The patient, after the lapse of several
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cate that the higher nitrogen complexes, — polypeptides, etc. — play
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takes place. The displacement, however, is only slight,
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radiographic method may prove valuable. It is that of a woman,
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opinions carry weight, have adopted the doctrine for Avhich Jenner con-
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kidneys are competent, better than the estimation of the urinary