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ganization such as ours, that which we most want is material
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more or less suppression of the vesicular murmur, later vesiculo-bronchial,
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than that produced by variola inoculata. The vaccinal immunity pro-
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specific serum may be of no appreciable avail. The beneficial results some-
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one patient in whom rigidity was present with opisthotonos. The rigidity
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4. "A small amount of sugar in nutrient media increases their value for
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ages, as given by the various tables. Dr. Holden raised the
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complication. It is important to remember that all the clinical features of
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ice-bag will mask the symptoms so that a dangerous condition may supervene
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evident that counts can be of service only if there are previous ones available
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stage, diffuse areas of necrosis of muscle fibers were found, in one accom-
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Selection, Supervision, and Compensation of Medical Exami-
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hypodermically may control the convulsive movements, but it has no effect
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the skin and in children noma may occur. It occasionally happens that a
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the disease, — the troops carried infection with them and ■were campaigning
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malaria is acquired, and the immunity of the natives to yellow fever in dis-
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While not serious as regards the prospects for recovery, thrombosis causes
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of this buoyant hopefulness often wore out the most
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pus corpuscles in any urine and you will get an albumin re-
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Grisolle, 70 cases of gangrene, 5 had preceding pneumonia; and Hensel,
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the death of these animals, and that from their bodies an organism could be
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has advanced far enough to affect the tubular structures we
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in the urine as indicative of structural disease of the kidneys ;
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given as irrigations (J to 1 liter with 0.1 to 0.2 gm. of methylene blue).
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•duties, to protect their company from foul play of every sort,
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in a tolerably thick layer not only over the erysipelatous area but also over
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the arrangement of our department, the organization of and
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note as to the termination. Perutz reports pneumonia in a child aged
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ance, and easily overlooked by the examiner. It is often
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Many of the instances of the spread of the disease in rural communities