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thritis that I treated with that drug, four were chronic, of

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Chemical Effects. — (4) Chemical effects may be pro-

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general pi-ritonitis had also existed), and extraperitoncid ab-

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examined her at that time with reference to the lung trouble, she hav-

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and 29, and one was a colored man with onset at the age of 48 years.

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year to overcome the deranging causes and habits of the system

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their duty to try to draw down from the false prominence into

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put him on a combination of blue pill, sulphate of quinine and

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the i)rcmonit()ry warning most heeded and feared was that

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subjects the fascia is enclosed in a thick layer of fat, interposed

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obtain pure cultures from a reliable source. For a number of reasons

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the patient to his fate, when the thought occurred to him to lays aside all

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joined the Mitchell Clinic in July, 1977. He became

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alternations of puffiness or hollowness, of smoothness oruneven-

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ness and sometimes swelling but, as a rule, local symptoms are wanting.^

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Ann. Soc. l)elge do chir., Brux., 1895-6, lii, 121-126.— We

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place during the congestive stage of malignant intermittent

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,"""''■ ■■; •^^'— - — li'^ ■■".'-'■ ..-i.,M i.,1,. ,,i, ,1..,,.. Tii,.v

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tion of infected blood filtered through the closest-grained Pasteur-

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short; the traction exercised upon it seemed dangerous. A cord was

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ing Units has been worked out with just one object in view, namely,

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skin eruptions, as eczema, lichen, ai ticaria, are common. Tliese dis-

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time for consumption), besides innumerable cases of

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relapse only when the vitality of these parts is sufficiently low for it to get the

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and employed it himself in four cases; and, although death

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the University of Pennsylvania. In one very handsome octavo volume of 800 pages, with

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perforating wonnd of the thorax may produce it ; but

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only entered a vast territory, and that the greater part

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nished for treatment in accordance with these forms.