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husbands are more circumspect than plants, he makes
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laryngeal mirror, it was possible for the patient himself
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circumstances. They are ready to die at any point. A man with
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mersion in a mass in the staining fluid, the sputum be-
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into obscure truths, which he could utilize with practical re-
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The stomach was much dilated. No thickening could be
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developed an acute edema of the leg when crossing a certain place
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of Cocain into the Spinal Canal. — We recently called
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of the affected seventeen inches, measured round ;he knee. Ordered an ape-
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dinner." When the table is cleared the servant will go round and
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did a Heincke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty, as it was generally
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The report of the Nominating Committee was next read as fol-
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cial femoral and of the superficial femoral and popliteal,
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desquamation, and leaving behind slight pigmentation.
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Tappeiner, and others, from 1867 to 1876, this virus may
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paratively rare affection and, though it has been observed and de-
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and tlius tends to arrest hemorrhage. For local treatment of external hemor-
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Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in Queen's College, Galway.
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England by Dr. Bowerbank ; and Dr. Tilbury Fox stated that Dr. Bowerbank
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lientrictions as to the Kind of Cases received.- — There will be
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The heart, without being at all diseased, is often incapable
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liver is not palpable ou deep inspiration, nor can the
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text in Lefranc's edition reads ". .un tas de badaulx
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to see what physicians, and especially those who have
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most simple of which is in the form of a porridge, some milk
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I. Pars Superior. — The three canals lie in the three dimensions
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Stuptohs and Coubse. — ^The most conspicuous and remarkable
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are given by Gull and Sutton in the second volume of ' Reynolds' System of
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state of health become insupportable. The writer had under observa-
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all the stages of the complaint to proceed as above
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source of danger, although it unquestionably imposes an additional
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