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at a temperature of 37° C. And it seems possible that such a break-
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relations to the diagnosis of the diseases of the kidneys and bladder.
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A problem occurs to me which should appeal to every practitioner.
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all ordinary modes of treatment had jiroved ineli'ectual, Mr. Whatton decided
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ing, later it becomes small and somewhat running." He also says
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Let it be understood, that our author writes in the spirit of one who entertains
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clinical sciences, the progress of diagnosis and therapy must be
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Case II. My esteemed and learned friend, John W. Gloninger, M.D.,
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gram — every two weeks, and in addition intraspinous injections
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chiefly blue, china black, and cochineal, into the gut or peritoneum.
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months before admission. The appetite became poor, and he had lost
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on record, that the same holds true of the larger vessels supplying an inflamed
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wave all discussion of the possibiUty of putting them effectively in practice.
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that they occasionally occurred but that they should have been
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of the woimd; and in all the rest, with the exception of thirteen, the disease re-
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that tlie fever often continues after the eruption has ceased, but in these cases
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loud, and, indeed, in some it scarcely amounts to more than a constant teasing
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least.) in consequence of the facility with which the needle may be disen-
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Dr. C. S. Bond: What were the ages of the patients reported as
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likewise affected, especially the carotid, whose pulsations were exceedingly
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jelly spread over the surface, and is enclosed in a soft and spongy cel-
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one after another. The treatment of fever which has proved most
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know that these remedies have frequently succeeded in removing the coma ;
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membrane of mouth, pale; throat, normal; no enlargement of lymph nodes;
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that her uterus had passed out of the vagina. The vulva was, in fact, enormously
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tendencv is for the connective tissue to contract and narrow the
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Of the patients formerly reported one is dead and four are still
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is in itself an evidence of the necessity of such a publication, while it
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optical activity, nitrogen, glucose, ammonia, acetone, aceto-acetic
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slight cyanosis of the nail beds. The thorax was large, well-developed,
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was considered necessary to him, we should not allow him to be tormented with
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many cases of this kind among the children of persons who, having been
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alarming bronchitis. The fits of coughing went on for hours with extraordinary
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inflammations of the arachnoid, pleura, peritoneum, and other white tissues.
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There has been much disputation as to the (]uesiion whether scrofula be here-
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introduced into trachea and etherization by intratracheal insufflation begun. Elec-
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intervening ligament. The rib, also, has been fractured two and a half
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the fact, to forms of thought and emotion which should have been
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the several species of calculi, and enough is stated to show that further
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tendency was toward subacidity, while a number of these cases
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I would only add, that there is no reason to suppose particular liability to frac-