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In multiple cerebro-spinal sclerosis the formation of the nodule in the
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and if they be found swollen and inflamed should be lanced. Further,
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what after frequent repetitions? A man could scarcely feel justified
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have been highly recommended by various authorities : half a milli-
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rence of abdominal pain and tenderness, soon followed by vomiting,
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countries. The epidemic disease must be looked upon as hysterical.
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Usually the acute disorder can be recognized by the intensity and per-
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take the slim chances of recovery under purely medical care. Early in
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It has been demonstrated that in the lower animals diphtheria can
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paroxysms vary in frequency as they do in intensity. There may be six
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almost any choreic movements ; especially is it active when combined
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liability to relapses and recurrences has already been mentioned.
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quently during the early days of convalescence, with a resultant severe
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tised. In all handling of the parts, as in catheterization, strict attention
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resembling tubercles. These proved to be composed of fibrous or gran-
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ations varies from that of a thin watery to that of a soft pudding-like
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tional strain, such as that of excessive ambition or excessive anxiety,
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breath and pain on slight exertion, accompanied by a palpable resist-
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bral tract and of the posterior columns of the spinal cord, and usually
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and should be appropriately remedied. Suppositories of extract of bella-
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puerperal women with facial erysipelas rigorous antiseptic precaution
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with such ample clinical facilities, are patent to every one, and com-
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for years even in the absence of other manifestations of the disease, and
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SYMPTOMATOLOGY. The characteristic symptom is circumscribed
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floor of the fourth ventricle. In addition, we have recorded the presence
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of cancer. Although observers are not wholly agreed upon their nature,
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are frequently extensive. It may represent merely a circumscribed,
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function of the cord when the pressure was removed.
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respiratory and vocal sounds may be produced also by pleural thicken-
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of leather, the pleuritic friction-sound, due to the rubbing of the apposed