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The action of the kidneys should also be carefully watched.

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Diagnosis. — The age of the patient, and the typical gait

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These eruptions last several days and then disappear

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capacious vagina, hips elevated, and good illumination, many diseased

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Sulphuric Ether topically applied to atonic ulcers. (Bulletin do

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these cachectic and often seemingly spontaneous in-

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thin and imperfect development of the arterial walls, then how shall

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is desired. I shall therefore dismiss them with a mere

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of intestinal fever. The glandule agminatse, which are found only

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minutes, the surface of the body being rubbed constantly.

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the hands of the inexperienced. He advises resource to the same pro-

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six to eight of the zinc carbon cells, resulted in a tem-

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cation of a powder consisting of one ounce of salicylate

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occurs in spite of the greatest care — you will not have the violent cel-

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retin a micro for under eye wrinkles

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This ointment is to be laid on for one or two hours.

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draughts and the hydrocyanic acid may be employed for this purpose.

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and an interior porous structure, consisting of coarse, irregular,

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pressure (Fig. 3). After the nasal disease has been re-

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were fatal the temperature ran up as high as 108 P. The only case of

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them. But when we desire to gain distinct vision we

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Symptoms. The disease is usually overlooked during life be-

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Harrington gives the history of the epidemic at Lowell, arising

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duced, instead of what she absolutely can do in his presence ?

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read before the Medical Society at Berlin in 1869 and 1870,

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briefly the principal points which seem to me to be established.

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far no malignant superficial growth has failed to yield

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Maroli 20, 1900.— Biiiice ( W.) Fracture apparatus. No.

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this has been changed ; but it would be vain to reckon on a

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