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disease is a rise of temperature which in cattle rarely exceeds
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plan, even admitting that the legislature might be induced to pass
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cup of water, every two or three hours during all the period of in-
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to give the results in a tabulated form ; but it may be sufficient
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character or price of a toilet-water may be. But we must repeat
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tent. With the active co-operation of the that had been successfully vaccinated, not
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proving advantageous only in certain cases of phlegmonous erysi-
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for the distended Into stine is not liable to take upon itself sufl
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all deviations from this must be in a downward direction. From
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a consequence of the paralysis, the lower jaw drops, the animal
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treme difficulty; the loose capsule round the muscle prevents the
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alone will not produce epilepsy ; there must exist a predispo-
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foetid, often slimy and froth3\ Hemorrhagic intestinal catarrah
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For some years past I have soothed all lupus patches, especially
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the dry virus obtained in this way retains a high degree of
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larynx and pharynx. The parotid and submaxillary glands
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examiner. When the bone is intact, if the tral, performs version and brings down a
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was found white and infirm. It terminated at the level of the
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The hemorrhage was immediately arrested r and under a course
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because the temperature (which was never higher than lOO'T)
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March 29th. — Fits of coughing, once last night and four times
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uteri, which is not easily removed. This condition of the os and
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think it a sufficient explanation of the action of mercury to say
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turned. The medicine was afterwards given at gradually in-
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nostic significance is great, as they indicate seconds in saturated anilin-water-gentian-
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The symptoms begin to appear in a variable length of time
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a feet that we should not have been inclined to admit. This
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retention of urine more or less serious. It should therefore be
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Aspergillus fiimigatus seems to be the only important pathogenic
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general rule, leeches should not be applied to the throat of a child,
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The original articles contained in Dr. Hammond's rsychologiccd
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small per cent of inferior men? ^^'f '='^0,'"; ^r. Weaver has been identi-
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rheumatic symptoms. M. Jubiot conceived that nocturnal con-
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hand, and as usual retreated along the passage. On examination
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analysis, for an hour will usually suffice for the purpose.
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entireh' to the skin and subcutaneous tissue ; no traces of
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means of their metabolic products, the inflammatory condition
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is perceptible ; the tumor softens, then forms an abscess and
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cology, but will consider only a few of the condition being associated with either de-
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curs much sooner than when the disease is located on the skin.
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