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There is, however, a better method than this, viz.,

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fevers and enteric fever prevailed side by side until at length malarial

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dose of gonococcus culture, two cubic centimeters, was required to

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no one to leave in charge, the gas had become exhausted, and the face was a

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upwards into the cavity of the antrum. The coverings

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caused by the d' -htheria bacillus. It affects the throat

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fied in details, is seen in the rigors of pyaemia and under a variety of other

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sense of security, and lead to incalculable mischief.

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lesion in corresponding ])arts. In Barlow's case, however, though the

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by J. L. Stokes. " I find, on a reference to the Medical Journals, as

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wound, but that there was no undecomposed hydrogen dioxid in

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lishment described in this article, and an interesting report will be looked for from him