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growths of similar nature occurred simultaneously in differents parts

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are moderate, and will be made known on application

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in from one to thirty years, but under the use of mercury

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mingled look of admiration and astonishment, " is what I have saved, for such a

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evolution of the parasites. This was the conclusion of the older

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the other method is to excise from its surface a portion of the size of a lentil ;

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disease ends fatally by slowly progressive exhaustion ; but existing alone, it

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obliterated by the coalescence of the edges of the puncta; thus a

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down over the course of the ureter, but the kidney could not be felt.

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Dr. Cottell : I read an account years ago of a people in the very

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complete combustion of the purin bodies. A priori, it might be

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when urine acrid ; when fetid, with boro-glycerine or

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their supply of blood; but it is to be noted that very superficial patches of

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therefore, be watered, in reasonable amount, while at work ;

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formerly the disease was very common at sea, for at one period sailors

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CLXVIII. Ovarian dropsy which gradually emptied itself spontaneously by

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occur without any obvious exciting causes. Females are more subject to

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pearances. He divides them first into two groups, pyloric and

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scientific fact that the different malarial fevers distinguishable in their

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Prag. med. Wcbnschr., 1886, xi, 329- 333. — Gutuiko%v

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deep, holds one quart ; if four by four, and four and one eighth inches

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years ago. In it the author threw out the suggestion that,

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communicated to any person holding intercourse with those

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ward. The condition was similar to that seen in typhoid fever cases.

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The three grand merits claimed for Hunter (Holmes's

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the sound on percussion was found to be dull on the left side

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his memory is good. He gave me the history of his ease, which is about

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basin. The septic outbreak then finally subsided and

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old classical writers we find the almost perfection of

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accomplished in Anatomy by giving one course on the two limbs,

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2. Group-Agglutination and the Retention of Bacteria Coli

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these is of the utmost consequence; for the improper selection of

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undulating membrane along the anterior part of the body.

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all that ; and at forty he will have discovered that

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1. J^. Tinct. benzoin, comp. fl. dr. j ad fl. dr. ij:

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form an incomplete cap. At the upper end of the cyst the spleen tissue had the appear-

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« Arcb. f. Anat. und Phys , anat. abthg.. 1880 and 1887.

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tion ; disordered state of the assimilative powers.

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