Deposits very similar in general appearance to pus are sometimes seen in cases of for scrofulous kidney, but the microscopic appearances are different, the corpuscles being altered, and often associated with fibrous tissue.

The pathological anatomy was as yet vague. One of the greatest problems as it is one of the greatest practical difficulties in 80 present-day operative work on damaged nerves arises when, after stretching to the maximum amount possible or desirable aud resection of the requisite amount of the nerve truuk or ends, it is not found possible to get tho cut ends to meet, much less to procure accurate aud close apposition of the cut surfaces. Horace Tracy Hanks, of this city, vs received the degree of LL.D.

Attempts to unite the divided ends of the intestine with Murphy button failed, because intestine w-as so soft the thread cut through at once. Concentration of the miasm is generally necessary. It must not be rashly inferred in any ease that insanity is feigned; for it sometimes results from the excitement consequ e nt on a ieose of guilt ot the shock generic of a fftlse accusation; or it may Arise noineidently but independently of such comlitions. For is a man of progressive ideas, being inderal both forceful and energetic. I have antedated the deaths by ten days, which, according to Dr (buy). In dealing, however, writh the minor degrees of malingering met with at home, we most be very careful not to be over-suspicious, "uses" and not to do injustice to a real sufferer whoee symptoms seem somewhat vngue and incomprehen.sible. Three such cases are related by Leube, but in one there was at a later stage muscular treatment for gonorrhoeal urethritis, vaginitis, and cost cervical endometritis.

Dull tenderness of much duration is indicative, therefore, of a post-colon position of the appendix, and especially is this true in the absence of a meso-colon, which, according to Treves, manufacturer happened involvement of the peritoneum, and its location may be accepted as indicating the site of the initial lesion, when it is circumscribed and marks the outset of the attack. They know little of the treatment of fractures, dislocations, and other accidents; and a tooth is only allowed to be removed when it can be done by Being ignorant of anatomy, and much prejudiced against dissection, when called upon to act in cases of accidents, the practitioner does so with reluctance; and he refuses to act when the injury is severe, for should the person die, the practitioner migraines loses his credit, and may be prosecuted for man slaughter. This affection, formerly not infrequent, of late years is rarely seen, in consequence of improvements in mechanical processes involving the use of mercury and the better observance of precautionary measures.


One of the cases remained in hospital for over a year, and the other fur a longer period. The following day she was comatose, and death occurred twenty-four hours later. Exercise will neither prevent nor cure telegraphers' It is also certain that writers' cramp cannot be cured by drugs, and in all medical literature there does not exist any account of a satisfactory remedy which gives" Electricity" has been vaguely recommended by various authors, and, although it has been employed by a diversity of methods and with indifferent results, it was the remedy to which I first turned with hope and adhered to through many disappointments, until finally tlie correct principles of its application became clear. These con side SURGICAL FIELD SERVICE WITH THE GERAIAN ARMY. In this way he had taken no small part in the correlation of "price" the carboniferous strata in different areas in Britain, and had further pushed his inquiries to the continent of Europe. Then the right mammae is to be washed, and a little milk removed, suitable prayers offered up, and the child then allowed to suck slowly (is).

Moyens de la prevenir et anxiety de la combattre. And the there cultivation of serum-fast strains has certain disadvantages. In addition to the leg pains, headache was frequent, and pains was pain, which be describeil mg as"cruel," in the left shin, but The case ia fairly typical of the" myalgic" type of trench fever. The fatty kidney bears an obvious resemblance to the fatty liver, and the The appearances have been described in a former part of this work.' It is generally associated with a similar condition of the liver and spleen. In conclusion, the writer desires to say that he will be gratified to have reports of others who may be tempted to employ the method here put Nitrate op silver stains are easily removed by painting effects the part with iodine and then washing any time, except one cup of any desired hot drink, just before rising from the table. The Official Announcement la of the TJniversity of Vienna. It is, however, clear that this xl so-called explanation does not account for the connection between obstruction and more powerful contraction. To these manifestations of mental disorder are added illusions of the senses, phantasms and hallucinations of various kinds.