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are produced by chancrous pus. In the last decade or two this
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through private agencies a system of sickness insurance for all who
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know anything about such occurrences, and their ignorance has to be
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France, were the first to carry this procedure into execution; and Busch,
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the right side. There also coexists femoral hernia on the left
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Condition otherwise negative as to present complaint.
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indigestible may act as an exciting cause of dysentery. So, also,,
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which have since been carried on into the influence of meteorological and
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authorities. Speaking for myself, however, these divisions seem
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quarters and on two different grounds. One was from Dr. H. Coupland
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the point mentioned, and citing various authorities in support
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974. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son & Co., 1889.
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ful applicability to cases of organic disease of the heart, kidneys, or
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at the annual meeting of this body, a bureau of legislative information
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presence of such a microbe capable of producing many different symptoms.
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and when the membranes ruptured the amniotic liquid was found decom-
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and results from a long-continued chorea. ... It is, in fact, the ordinary
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was simple, but if the swelling were very large, the diagnosis from tumor of
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in the region of the appendix. A diagnosis of appendicitis was
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coughing spells, precordial pain and palpitation and loss of weight.
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nently satisfactory. The author insists upon the point that the remedies must
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considerable congestion of the pharyngeal tissues. A severe tracheitis
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in that institution if there is a suggestion of a fracture, before the
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contemplated surgical interference in the interests of nerve repair.
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skin is still thin with a tendency to break down, but it is gradually be-
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The conflict developed here is very readily understood by the most
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Injuries and Diseases of Nerves, and their Surgical Treatment.
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or parturition. Dr. Coe is very much to be congratulated upon the
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that he would get tired very easily and felt rather weak and sleepy.
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Etiology. — The exclusion of syphilis as the cause of this new growth
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rest upon the reputed in f.'il lability of the diagnostician rather than
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The style of the writing is most charming; it is terse, forcible,
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tremely tender point just below and to the right of the ensiform.
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Coming now to the actual cause of the condition, which we have
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3. The suppuration is usually recognizable by accompanying oedema ot
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The reader is well enough aware of the physical effects of the
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Heart: Fat scant ; muscle pale; valves normal. Weight: 9^ ozs.
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In conclusion let us review the advantages of the clamp and
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pains reappeared. Toward the end of June the fever reappeared and
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died at Brooklyn, N. Y., March 31, 1919. He was educated in the
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