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excess is largely sliown by short absences on sick-notes — that
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anyone connected with a deceased person. He believed that
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Army INIedical Service ; and at 3 o'clock on the same day a
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Sections A, C, and D will be held in the College of
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derived from the Sheffield epidemic of 1887-88. Doing so we
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and reqne-ting them to instruct their officers to make frequent exaraina'
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bound by these warrants. If there was to be a revision of
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2 AUqtmeine Mnnatschrifl Jur Wissenschaft und Literatur, 18.'i3.
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epidemic in the ^3idlands has been estimated at a million pounds
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fluent. All necessary measures of disinfection and destruc-
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sent for to see the rest of the family, seven in number. They
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the control beaker, 0.75 c.c, 1.5 c.c, 3 c.c, 5 c.c, and 7 c.c.
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probahl. be only necessary to show that the diagnosis was made in good
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Surgeon-Captain J. H. Br-\nnigak, on arrival from England, is directed
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Board to a loan of £1,600, have purchased four acres of land, and are pro-
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1891, on a patient in whom I had aspirated a large hydatid
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stair. Appointment for five years. Applications to Commander