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to proceed uncrossed in the lateral column, so that
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three parts: (1) lectures on the pathogenesis of eye diseases; (2) study of pathological
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the first phalanx can be flexed only when the thumb is also adducted by the
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Toxicology, Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Botany. The 86eond is on
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described;* Practical Chemistry, three months; Practical Midwifery^
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diploma of " Fellow by examination " of Trinity Medical School. This
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. to satisfy ;ne destination Inspector as tne validity of tne origin inspectlcf..
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4. Disturbances of Sensibility. — The disturbances of sensibility usu-
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(b) Put 20 oz. ur 23 oz. brass weight Into egg cup.
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substances. At any rate, the peculiar contrast between the symptoms of
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of the ear. The setiology of " scrofula " is therefore in the main identical with
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toms " hysterical stigmata." These symptoms are most constantly present,
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extensive bedsores, with secondary sepsis, or, finally, from some complication,
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Symptoms and Course. — Sciatica takes a somewhat different position from
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and Chemistry;] the last-named embracing — (1) Definition of Che-
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Active research is carried on in all departments on current medical problems and in
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it happens that many neurasthenics, especially when external conditions are
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depositing tbese bonds term bills will be presented at the end of the
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«ondnoted by some responsible authority. They must have attended
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and gout are also reckoned among the a?tiologieal factors of both disorders,