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lent form presents many points of resemblance with hsemato-
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maldehyde, 191; Pyrethrum, 192; Phenol-camphor, 193; Hydro-
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depositing it unchanged on evaporation in hard mica-like crystals. The prin-
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with median survival of five months. This technique does
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heat in the form of tampons wrung out in hot saline solution, tam-
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oil to prevent coagulation. To this blood was immediately added 10
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leprous tissue on a variety of special media including tryptophan and
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lung- capacity increased in the beginning of the period of training, and
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vessels and the control of the vasomotor nerves, and
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cases which I am about to report. I may observe that I
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The proposed consultation was never held. It was decided to try the
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ment, and as an experiment one dram of adrenalin chloride solution, 1/1000,
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the delivery, destroys both mother and child; or, to
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complication of typhoid fever which is of most ominous significance
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The autopsy showed advanced chronic diffuse nephritis,
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' Sir, — The ex-president of the College of Physi-
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* These two modes of operating may perhaps be reduced to one, as both
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[South Africa is practically free from rabies. The only case reported
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for the varying disparities (in some patients) between the concentra-
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" I he illusirations are numerous and are works of art. many of them appeariDg for Ihe Gn<
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together more than half the total of all growths, whether verified or not,
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this way will reveal the extent to which the stomach is distended
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characteristic of persons in whom hysteria exists, or is
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peritonitis is the result of the underlying cellulitis, and the general infec-
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escribed together. In both, often the first thing noticed is a sensation of
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In whatever stage these acute inflammatory complications may
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but observed also in some rare instances upon the thighs, hijis, and
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later date, and a receptionist or secretary who says the physician is too busy to talk
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Stonb, EUfoott City, Md.; Secretary-Treasurer, W. L.
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extent in various directions. In this case there was consider-
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gave her a few days' improvement. A careful examination of
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to Entomology:" "The grape phylloxera hibernates in the
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in this place, that a journal, perhaps a bi monthly
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of retaining the perfection of form, I think, is absurd, and I
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previous high protein feeding may be persistent and prolonged.
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Jiirgeii.lseii, published in 1866, they form a most remarkable body of evidence ou
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he could not keep in one position for a minute together.
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Urine (Hematuria) and Red-Water are often confounded, but
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transmit the germs, and that the parasite of malaria loses its
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he proposes is applicable, it is far superior in its results
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the vagina. The result could not have been more satisfactory ;
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observed 22 such cases. The entire group of men, from all appear-
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4. Concerning an Unusual Case of Pylorus Stenosis, Caused
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