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five-year period from ages fifty-five to sixty years
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unsanitary method of burying such putrid substances
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beriberi, and vice versd. The presence of paretic and
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of anal pruritus. The patient scratches himself during sleep, giving
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as an element of success; he attributed quite a number
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The importance of attempting to close the wound, in
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deformed like his aunt's." And another remarkable case came
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twice the size of a crown piece, of a bright red colour ; but
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costals must be trained to do their share in the mechan-
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sists very frequently in an insanely exaggerated extension of religious
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are important and frequent early symptoms, but the subject this
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either by the direct pressure of the fractured bone upon the brain, or by the transmis-
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bly — usually disappeared after the first few doses» and
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The above was, Mr. Mackenzie remarks, comparatively a mild
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toed sloth, says — " Further observations are required to prore how
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fever ejusts and no cause can be found for it, other
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People those marquees with sick and wounded men in bed, and
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the lithotrite l)y means of moveable forceps, in such wise that
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posit is exercising pressure on the vessel. But although the sub-
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dition of the rheumatic, who is pinioned, so to speak, in many
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constitution also entails a vulnerability of the various mucous surfaces,
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these susceptibilities also give pain, instead of pleasure, when their
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peritoneal tissue. The gland was placed in this, and the
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Attention was, however, called to the fact that this loss of
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with the director, it is possible to reach the resophagus
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during which the eruption is developing. The troubles directly due
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good is but a delusion, and the practice of leeching
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from the middle of the metacarpus to the proximal end of the splint,
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be pressed out, or the pains are digging, attended with sudden, piercing,
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reserve of the animal's blood, and associated with this change there
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accuracy, and practical familiarity with the subjects
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terior aspect, and drawn inwards. The fibres of the
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Work of Western Infirmary. — Lord Glenarthur occupied
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tight room in any sense of the word, and it remains to be seen how pure the