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jects for demonstration for Professor PattisOn's lectures, and,
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pass by or meet imperfectly, it shows the same thing.
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by slow apnoea ; but not infrequently the suffering from d^'spnoea dimin-
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ing organ of the animal economy, all that is attributed to it,
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at Moyamensing, down to a recent period^ and then proceed to
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it becomes thick, and is with ditlicult}' circulated.
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movement i)ersists or is increased, and the respirations become more fre-
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is always favorable, provided the disease be uncomplicated, and the con-
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His extensive professional relations, and his reputation both as a
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The number of deaths from dysentery alone, during the year^
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have a reasonable hope of a cure taking place in many cases of
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ant practical bearing. If the special cause of cholera cannot be destroj'cd,
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may be saved. It is fair to attribute the large proportion of fatal cases
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in detailbis theory of the circulation of the foetus, it was hoped
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than over the right border of the heart, the sound representing, in the
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shoulder. Usually there is more or less tenderness over the seat of the
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sure in the epigastrium. The quantity and sp. gr. of the urine
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a small digital appendix or diverticulxim is occasionally found
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The}^ may be assured that moderate exercise out of doors, a nutritious
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bread, $1,114,000 on meat, $500,000 for wine, beer, and cider ;
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apartments having from 500 to 600 cubic feet, and of this number 4.35
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the Pancreas upon starch is MALTOSE. In the digestive tract MALTOSE is absorbed
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since its opening in 1842, has been 13| per 1000; at Millbank,
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emanate from the soil. This may be inferred with respect to the special
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for the same reason that these are deemed useful in phlegmonous inflam-