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these, death could have been averted by timely first

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twelve and from two to five at the following hospi-

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the author declares, that though he can hardly agree with the

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more or less pointed projectiles from the viewpoint

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acute venereal disease ; the other 9,77^^ were troops

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plained to the patient that immediate pain relieving

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is not reliable as a diagnostic feature, for you may

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vealed baseness, which lies deeper than he had sus-

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■\ctive and fairly sterile portions of the alimentary

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and which arc very easily rubbed oft' without destroying the con-

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the smallpox, and was discharged three months later

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cases was from six to eight weeks. In view of this,

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tion, the pressure is lowered by fifty or sixty milli-

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healthy one. She complained of deep seated pain in it, particularly

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Conkling, George, Durham. Selden, Robert, Catskill.

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for one of the large life insurance companies, three

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ogenic when inoculated alone into animals, but when

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it appears they have made up their minds, for they say, " quo-

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teen years, and adolescence, from thirteen to fifteen

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have described trophic disturbances during con- drained during the influenzal toxemia. _

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fever, the rapid course of the affection, its tendency

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motion the most powerful machinery. Temperature, 65° Fahrenheit,

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It was also very instructive to find that the labor-

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v.-ho were of little use to themselves or others, and

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posed to attach much importance to it. He has only known of

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in the production of urea, is then utilized for this

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results. For without this latter ei¥ect, influenza is

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touch any part until they enter the open cervix and

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theless, indebted to British practitioners for monographs on

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the separate acini, and a more extensive collection of fat in the

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posterior urethral walls. Clinically, chronic gonorrhea.

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for its normal function of digestion. Direct absorp-

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room ; and I found the appearance of the cancellous texture of

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whose inhabitants are affected with the disease, are the following :

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years in the acquisition of professional knowledge, he acquaints

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the patient's endocrine system that this is effected,

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health, not only in regard to his personal hygiene,

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subject. It has been termed " insidious shock," on account of

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cent, alcohol certainly cannot produce intoxication

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cases observed at Bordeaux which ended fatally, two

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retromalleolar sagging disappears. The sign is best

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that murmurs in themselves have little significance.

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the nasal arch by replacing the parts destroyed with

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large gush of venous blood now issued from the bottom of the wound,

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patient could hardly stand up. Besides, an anes- able substances are stated in the form of my-

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the catheter having been once used. Four weeks after his mishap,

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