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over a long period are often terribly fatal. Malaria
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siderable demands both upon his time and his purse.
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the patient being kept in bed covered with blankets
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tissues of the nervous system, the skin, the bone in
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itself, as " the agitation of the patient, or the mismanagement
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the right knee was affected in forty-four instances,
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and that with great rapidity, and in cases where all other treat-
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control of purulent discharge from the sockets left
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hospital and clinic our routine local treatment is as
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Rare Form of Calculus. — Dr. Hodgkin describes a variety
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then comes the suspicion that this difficulty originated in the ver-
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of nature in accomplishing her purposes. Some, contented
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tablished, graduate nurses for private nursing, pupil
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after the man had been three months in the service,
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"beginning"' phases, various compulsive states, etc.
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could be put to the test or by its bearing on either
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are being studied. Careen vegetables and raw salads
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active infiltration apex to sixth rib, anterior, and
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the lungs, tonic uterus, or acute failure of cardiac
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obtained are far in excess of any hitherto published
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lifted up, and if there be any pus between the abdominal walls and
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have other currents that may be used in some cases,
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Professor Schcenlein. In the non-typhoid cases, we have fre-
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§ " The patient, of a highly scrofulous habit, was treated for a varicocele, by
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Dr. J. B. De Lee, of Chicago, said that the classic
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the patient became conscious and rational, and very
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or express money order, payable to A. R. Elliott Publishing Co.,
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knife, only, can relieve, will be marked out with accuracy.