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seasons and periods of the day, dulness of atmosphere with but a small
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clear evidence of infection from person to person. The proof of infec-
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supporting the strength. Plilegmasia dolens is a frequent sequel of this
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the vaso-motor nerves and the muscular coat of the arteries play in the
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tration, early stupor, quick advent of collapse, restlessness and fighting
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for in this way a serum possessed both of higlily antitoxic and preventive
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long. In some cases muscular contractions occur soon after death and
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ioHif R. RHitcBLAiTDBB, M.D., Profossor of Anatomy. (Lecture* on General, Surgical and Patfao-
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causes great smarting, is avoided. In every dressing the nurse must
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fever remains high and steady, the morning remissions being less ; the
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mations. In parenchymatous nephritis, for example, such as that set
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ature from November to April is about 48 "o^ F. which is nearly 5° F.
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symptom by symptom, yet not without reference to the association and
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extent obviate this source of error ; for the standardised preparations will
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tained blood, and the changes in colour are due to its alteration : it be-
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Some observers draw attention to the formation of gall-stones after
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ance of thrombosis and embolism as factors in the production of pyaemia.
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taught that life was connected with the presence in man of a kind of
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influences of altitude are considerably modified ; and further, that the
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ton, situated on low ground, the cellars of which are below the level of
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the muscle is quiescent, although the muscle or its motor nerve is being
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as it produces a good deal of pain in the excoriated surfaces.
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lege, which we recommend the medical gentlemen of the city, and par-
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When sending for a nurse the medical attendant can do much to put
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cells, or phagocytosis, but also (h) to extracellular destruction. Phago-
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Summary. — To sum up what is known concerning the inflammatory
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Brouardel and Thoinot. Lafievre typhoide. Paris, 1895. — 10. Brit. Med. Journal,
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in doses of five or six drops, or the spirits of turpentine in doses from
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The infiltrations are fatty, calcareous, and pigmentary ; the new
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ence of any removable cause of septic infection should be carefully
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onset of the fever may not be sudden, and on physical examination of