Claritan Vs Clarinex

drive the Spirit thro 1 a Retort, which after relhfie,
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Acits Paftoris, Pe3en Veneris, Acula,mA Scanaria •
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uled, it caufes eafie Expeftoration ; heals the Lungs
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Seed is of a blackifh brown . color, and • very like
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Saline cathartics do not in the least stimulate the glandular sys-
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them, fo very like unto Onion- Seed, that it is hard
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when he did that act, did it not of himself. Peter did not claim
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Leaves apiece , round pointed , with a black Line in
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to be yearly taken up,and freed from its off/ets,with
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like unto the Lefler before deferibed , but that it is
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the Climate, Kali grows in great quantities, and is
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Flower, but abides not conftant, changing oftentimes
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forward ; they perifh at the firft approach of Winter,
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XXXIII, 'O foyfurK, v <f.y<;arit 7 7 vf oj'a,
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fome of the Effence thereof being taken at the fame
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Rickets, by reafon it is pleafanter to take, and then
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number fifteen French sound would not pass. Eleven were
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bearing feveral yellow Flowers upon (hort Footftalks,
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Tenth of the former Chapter , but that this is fmaller
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Cohobate the Spirit upon the Magma, and dift ill as
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feeds , of each a Dram ■, mix them , and keep it for
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Root is much like the former and it is in all thine $
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Stalks which are ft leaked, and Jet about with gray-
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if uing from it : From this Root Jhoot forth fcvcral
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fubftancc like that of the Mufhroom. It rtfes forth
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range and index and properly care for it. Besides these the
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lhorter Stalks than it, and the Leaves alfo narrow-
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the Influence of the Mind upon the Body in Health and Disease "
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times the Mowers are rtdd/Jb ■, each Mower conjiffs
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ers, viz. I. Lychnis Chalcedonica Flore fimplici albo.
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thousand volumes have been printed. Besides the number sent
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seventeen cases, which he had carefully observed, and concludes
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will find in fome of the following Chapters of this
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between sophistry and argument. Before such a committee I
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in fome other forts is to be feen : the whole Flam is
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hoary pale yellow on the : after which fol-
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men possess a rare judgment concerning disease and of the
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whence the Stalk rifes, is of an AJh color, and fome -
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Xow the third drug that has been used, praised and condemned
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portant duty for the welfare of its citizens, has it not a similar
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they grow. In fresh cases this is usually accomplished by sim-
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Tenth day, March 28th, a.m. — Pulse, 108 ; respirations, thirty-
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practice enjoins upon every regular doctor the employment of