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or by fats which have undergone the butyric-acid change, it

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the muscles which maintain the wrist and fingers in an extended position,

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Professor O'Sullivan said the patient from whom the specimen

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A. .M., M. I). Fourth Edition, re-written and enlarged. Philadelphia: D. G Brinton.

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amen to it : — " We desire to encourage a healthy scepticism as to typhoid

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improvement (cleaning of the tongue, &c.), follow the use of the acids, his

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mony, from a sexual desire beyond possibility of satisfaction. That pros-

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that venesection, either general or local, is not only

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edition of this practical work. Its scope is well ex-

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not right to confuse double consciousness of an epileptic

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be carefully examined, and the question of excluding

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The abscess-form develops especially on the tip of the tongue,

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* Andral, giving 3 as the average relative proportion of fibrine to 1000 parts of

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each inspiration, it is inferrible, does not, then, immediately act

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from which the sensation arises is in the abdominal vis-

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osteoperiostitis, etc.) has a bearing on the diagnosis — at any rate, in case

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cultures into guinea-pigs, produced specific erosions and ulcerations.

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Ulceration generally distributed in the large bowel 6

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far as they are descriptive of actual conditions, as in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and

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covered with ecchymoses; the patches resemble spongy, vasculsr,

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there was still observed to be some weakness of the muscles of

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Mng augured favorably to the success of the New- York Me-

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such cardiographic tracings comprised in the plates appended

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there has been in the several cases an interval of one, two, three,.

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rangements of the nervous system than with those of the mucous membrane,

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it be reasonable to expect the curves to have uniform values for

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" Liberal Medical Botanic Association" of Philadelphia,

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(heteroalbumose, protoalbumose alpha and beta, deuteroalbumose alpha and