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or chemical actions, such as attrition, or digestion in a diseased

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cans. In a very few cases this oidium has invaded internal organs and

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mentating well

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the refracted rays are contracted in certain parts of the spectrum, and

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brought up-to-date. Though of considerable size, the

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regular control of the organs, elevate him to the sublimity of

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and weighed precipitate is incinerated to determine the amount

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tinguish it in its bed frtmi the surrounding structures,

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cases, 120. When the disease is prolonged and the prostration is

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form of anaemia to which the term chlorosis is applied, and within a

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aj>pearauce ; lipi blanched ; limbs pallid, and cutaneous suriace every-

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pain over the appendix. This was evidently an attack of acute appen-

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Histology, and Pathological Anatomy, each $10.00 : Graduation Fee. $85.00.

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urgently require consideration. It would be, for instance, interesting

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temporaries. Just when we needed him — and his knowledge —

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and the fourth was treated not with the idea of cure, the disease

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become retro verted towards the aimcle ; or without retroversion by the mere

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rous, ringing cough, sounding, according to Cheyne, as though it

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these cases whether there was an authenticated instance

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seem to indicate that anv action of the tubercle residue is directed

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An elevation of temperature, however trivial, is most significant, pointing

mentation changes

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mentation disorder

fourth to one-fitth the usual annual risk. These con-

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original size. No further particulars are given. In

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ment of the blood, let us not be led astray by these striking instantaneous

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emerging into civilization the morbid ocular factor be-

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I)., Instructor in Medicine in the Johns Hopkins University. With an Introduc-

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ing with some toxic agent which is ordinarily rendered innocuous by the

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Glioma. — This tumor is found almost exclusively in the

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Respecting their value as signs of recent intercourse, there

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of good character, and the respiration about 20, not labored. On ex-

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findings; the inflammatory exudate is small in quantity; no marked lesions of

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subjective feelings of numbness, deadness, and the like, where loss of sen-

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sene oil, sufficient to provide a scum over its surface. Wiggle tails

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City, the same thing held true, and the same practice was being car-

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756 MISSOURI MEDICINE/November 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 11

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prolonged one, and went away, visiting the bouse at intervals.

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arteries were also tied. I next i-eiiioved a ])iece of the clavicle two inches

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lotion or perchloride and india-mbber tissue over it ; after two days'

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thrombosis along its greater curvature. The heart was excessively friable

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to, I have preferred not to rely upon my memory, but

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quent accompaniments of excessive nervous excitement.

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is decidedly prejudicial by injuring the powers of assimilation. Tobacco

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plished by cauterants applied to the nasal mucous mem-

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acc«ninted for. We Imve now to see what is the effect of temperature on

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