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Abt. VII. — L Physiology at the Farm, in Aid of Rearing and Feeding the

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devising new operative processes, in extending the applications of

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Pelvi-peritonitis with metrorrhagia, and especially the puru-

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Battaille from 1816 to 1829 enables our author to give the fol-

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instances the patients are seen when a unilateral optic nerve

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Then there is the personal element — the extent of the pa-

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arise. The worst cases of scrofula, erysipelas and salt rheum have been given by

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of Dr. Parkes' inquiry '* on the elimination of nitrogen by the

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round us, as punishments therefor; and a corresponding diminution in the total of

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shall find that all classes and conditions of people are represented in the hospitals

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and Medina^ and various places along the Bed Sea coast of the

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This, however, is a topic of which, whether absolutely or comparatively, I shrink

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suing this study, Mr. Bader's account of the normal structures

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was at last extracted, partly by forceps, partly by hand. The

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7. Not all the uterine glands are occupied by chorion villi ; many

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the central lacteal. These special absorbent organs appeared to be

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were not found too fatal. The present reviewer has pointed

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192 mg. per 100 c.c. at the end of the hour period is shghtly

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aa the cause of chorea, and took no notice of the condition of the cusps of the

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shaving utensils that have been employed about other persons, who have left upon

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cooling often occurs during the irritation, and often immediately

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meats, fishes, fruits, nuts, olive oil, and cereals. The beverages

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phosphorus, and the dampness of the atmosphere prevents the easy and frequent

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partial, slight, or not of long duration. Inversely, slight rheumatism

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calculated to nourish and strengthen our bodies, and prolong our life. Their views

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(p. 40.) It is of a true subjectiFC character, and when viewed in

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The base of the tongue now commences its movement of ascent ; it

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luire, can an cated by force of will when it is acted upon and

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nine was identical with that substance itself, both as to its crystalline

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The first inquiry to which Dr. Schleisner directs his attention

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with one or more hooks to swing the leg. The rod being en-

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sisting of patches of a dusky livid hue. Dr. G. Hewitt considers

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jessamine, which scented the atmosphere for a length of time so

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parent; and, what was singular, two children which she had by marriage after-

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he at large, I authorize you to make what use you think proper of.

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granules, apparently of the nature of fat, between which may