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uraemia, and general paralysis. It is possible to mistake a secondary

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edge extends, the history of the horse type is exactly and precisely that

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Case I. — Mr. Z., age twenty, head caught between

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trating " Artifidal Feet in a case of Arrested Develop-

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in adults is treatid by rest in bed, with leg elevated, especially

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selves. It is not my experience that cases of paresis of a certain lot

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threshold, the other (Case 24, Chart 12) with a normal renal threshold.

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Willie was in good health the day before the follow-

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Carcinoma of the Stomach. — Dr. Hodenpyl next pre

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as are often met with in the wards of a llospital, the puLse pos-

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Very few of us consider the serious handicap that strahismus places

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cian himself, that only a limited number is required,

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istic. It is barrel-shaped, with considerable increase in the

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he developed chills and fever. On examining the urine it was

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This patient was a native of Rotterdam ; she married in

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which is so simple, and so ingenious, that it appeals to

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always causes lameness at its commencement ; but when anchy-

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ment of the arms. All to no purpose ; the old German

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that in case of refracture the patella stands in the same

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satisfactory explanation of this phenomenon is known.

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Dose, as an alterative, ^ to 1 drachm ; purgative, 2 drachms

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tients is fatal to any such expectation, as might indeed have

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The method of Folin and Denis is based on a color reaction

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small ciuantity of mucus adhering to mucous membrane. Bladder entirely

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oblique. The cellular layer connects the muscular and mucous and

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rians ? Until the sanitarians could show us how many cases

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knowledge with regard to them, and this can only be arrived at by de-

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achondroplasia ? That is possible, but one is inclined to consider the condi-

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and most intelligent peasant to form a correct opinion on a

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focus, three exposures should be made, varying the position

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but communicate one with another ; so that a lobulet is a cluster

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My friend Dr. Hartlett, of New Bedford, in a conversation on the

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the disease, less fequently, after the fourteenth day.

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nostril lying beneath it, indicating some communication between the

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much among themselves, and are in other respects of

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in diameter. There are congenital cataracts in both, a coloboma

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I cannot, however, close this paper without pleading with you all to join me

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conditions described, this region, so far from being a land of com-

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his house soon after nine in the morning, and direct his steps

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like that of a person suffering from chilblains ; the capillaries fill

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as follows: (a) scurvy; (6) acute infectious diseases (typhus fever, ulcerative

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very rare. It occurred in 6^ of the previous series.