Torticollis Remeron

tomatic fever in general. Vascular distention, resulting in exudation

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stomach. The different forms of this dyspepsia may be included under

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mcnt. S. O. 31, Department of the Gulf, Febmar) ao,

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Charles, St. Bernard, Jefferson, Plaquemine, Assumptions

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5. Casagrandi, 0. and Barbagallo, F.: Ann. d'ig. sper., 1897, new series, vii,

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placed downward and to the left. I'he prsecordia may bulge.

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vegetable tissues are built up — 'the proteids, cellulose — are

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in the large intestine, and it is rare for the dysenteric affection to ex-

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Dr. D. L. Beckingsale was selected to present a subject for discussion at the next

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ply the per capita consumption varies from 6.6 gallons daily for the

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Occasionally, as the result of undue muscular exercise, acute dilatation, followed

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Pressure and relaxation in the spinal area draws the

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that they are indispensable adjuncts to practice. The

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conversant in London for ten years before the first arrival of the

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result, unexpectedly, in narcotism. The quantity of opium which may

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from the implicated structures, and in the contents

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thing appeared to progress favorably until 1810, when

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diac activity of man has been centered about the role this phenomenon

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One was ten, the other four years ago. In the latter

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however, turned out to be an inflamed gland. She had ster-

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being then grasped with the left hand, the nut is first successful case in Philadelphia was of this

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year ; and the society, under its new name, has re-

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will cause great distress. In short, we can only pal-

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and simple method ; disintegration and solution of the exuded fibrin

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arm, and with the thumb resting against the forefinger as in the ordinary

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mina, the spinai cord itself being very little injured. The

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inspectors found the temperature inside the cars rang-

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rants the idea that at a certain period of a disease,

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softenings ; but as constituting the sole lesion, and occasioning an ex-

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ataxic gait, positive Romberg test and pupils which reacted very poorly to light.

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descending arm of aortic arch. I, right radial pulse;

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son, "Near Tivoli," and other pictures by Warren, Jenkins,

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destructive of all accuracy and conciseness. If a man

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the disease had been in direct contact with persons

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formed exposing in its interior the whole left ala of the thyroid carti-

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we have mentioned we cannot logically expect a really

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should be taking- and enjoying. They are the children who are most

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10. Section of a mesenteric lymph gland of monkey, showing several

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staff etc. . . . We’ll tell others about it. . . . Like to bowl, and

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cost, and to report within twenty-four hours upon all cultures sent in.

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My DEjUt Sir: — I am really very much gratified to find that

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purchased to fit the needs of large or small individual investors, trust funds, insurance com-

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historical interest and stimulating patriotism in the school

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Government authorities have, at their own expense, added to the

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Thc.-^e fipjures sliow a consideraljlc decline in the second and third ([uarters,

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degenerated, make it certain that the nerve changes cannot be