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abundantly supplied witli smooth muscular fibres. Hence the skin
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Peri-appendicular infection and the development of abscess may be
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Johnstone's most wonderful feats, explaining as he did so, their modus operandi.
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165 of phthisis, by which it will be seen that affections of the
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it favours biliary or renal lithiasis and obesity, when it depends on the
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believed that the benefit of residing at these places
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reception hospital if it is established in a reasonably accessible
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to restore the lost function. It will be argued that immobilisa-
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rarity of the condition as reported by pathologists from post-mortem
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waters, and often the amount of Lemna present seems insufficient
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is in the neighbourhood of the external capsule that haemorrhage most
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is asserted by Welander to be the case in gonorrhcea, the
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that coagulation of blood in veins is not, as was formerly held, an effect
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Treatment — Preventive. — The two great sources of danger,
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shortly, or have been coincidental with, the onset of a convulsion.
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terine and water. Not a twinge of pain was felt after the
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of the bacilli after an eventual intrauterine infection is to a
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indication of functional disease is in the urine ; it is generally scanty,
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cosuria) and may even yield positive results in the prediabetic stage
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plore with the finger. When possible, removal of the
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modifications by Hans Meyer and Koranyi, while the secretory theory was upheld