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29. Ellman L. Carvalho A. Jacobson BM. etal: Platelet autoantibody in a case of
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touch. Marco Polo saw goitre in Central Asia. Paracelsus (1616) described
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abscess must have been alike in the two situations.
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make him extremely sick; the nearer death he will think
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neglected treatment, in the fourth attack of cerebral symp-
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so far as that, under the use of each, I have seen patients get well.
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perfectly dry. To make the paper antiseptic, 1% of thymol is added to the varnish.
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As a fluctuation could be distinctly felt in the tumor, I determined
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the existence of adenoids is another. Then the parent
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Health Department, made the following report on November 19th: "The
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bread, of carrots, of cabbages, of ginger, of mushrooms, of wal-
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Constipation was the most frequent complaint (2.2%). Other
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So far as the respiratory system is concerned, the nose,
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The toxic theory first brought prominently forward by Virchow, 3 in 1848,
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noted that relatively unaltered fat cells and strands of connective
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The patient should endeavour to avoid, as much as possible, - ^
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of robin, No. 270, in which the parasite was seen 19 days before
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bama peanut kernel 10-88 per cent, of water, and in the water-
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adhere together. And he also thought best to give the operation a sub-
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Ordinarily the patients look well. In the sanatorium of the
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early presence of decided pulmonary signs, prevented one from
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election will pass unquestioned A general meeting of
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formed, with great variety of shape and appearance, and breaking up
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craniotomy from the list of elective operations when the
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uary 25th and 26th). This resulted in immediate improvement." Charts
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Infiltrating tumor of the right lobe of the liver, causing an elongated
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If the windpipe is in part ossified, the pressure of the ligature is less perfect,
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frequently with clear water to prevent its becoming sore. It is a
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be heard at the apex of the heart, it denotes that the insufficiency is due to
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of the Skin, University College Hospital ; formerly
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same relation to the brachialgia that many " tender points "
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of trained workers will receive proper recognition, the
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first close to the cartilage and able to attack it at once. The pathological
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of the fact that, in many instances, the patient's life is at stake,
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